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pronutrimedic serves as a Medical Affairs Consultancy specialized in complex business solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry.

  • Medical Affairs’ primary function is to provide medical and strategic expertise to an organization on how to successfully present itself and its products to clinicians and patient advocacy groups. The aim is to enhance a company’s scientific reputation by complementing the work of Research & Development to communicate the value and proper use of a company’s products and therapies.
  • Medical Affairs works across several internal departments in order to collaboratively develop clinical messaging, scientific education, investigator trials and appropriately engage scientific experts in external activities.
  • Medical Affairs provides medical and clinical expertise to external groups including functions such as Medical Science Liaisons, Medical Communications, Medical Information, Medical Writing, Clinical and Investigator-Initiated Research, and Advisory Boards.

pronutrimedic will help to maximize these capabilities as required by the client in order to increase the impact of the Medical Affairs function.

Business Analytics

Medical Affairs Functions & Structures

Companies vary regarding their organizational structures. In general, Medical Affairs responsibilities in the biopharmaceutical industry are rapidly increasing but they encounter some key challenges:

Definition of roles and responsibilities for Medical Affairs and its functions, raising awareness and recognition among internal and external stakeholders

Creation of a robust Medical Affairs organization and cross-functional integration, partnership and cooperation

Enhancing quality of Medical Affairs, especially acquiring and developing talent who excel both at science and communication

Medical Affairs involvement during development cycles

Performance challenges and KPI definition

Gap Analysis & Capacity Calculation

With deep expertise in Medical Affairs business analytics pronutrimedic will consult how to tailor the Medical Affairs structure according to the customer's global, regional or domestic business needs:

Analysis of the existing Medical organization, structures, challenges, including SWOT analysis

Cross-functional capacity analysis according to pre-defined needs

Capacity analysis and action/engagement plans for MSL teams including definition of KPIs

Building up business cases with structural and headcount proposals for management review and approval

Mitigation proposals for challenges and initial concepts for structural improvement


Whether companies need to optimize product portfolios, plan for product launches or enter new markets in new geographies – the challenge for Medical Affairs is the development of an effective organization and its functions and processes. pronutrimedic will support the re-organization and setup:

Discussions with Medical Leads and cross-functional partners for improvement and introduction of efficient Medical Affairs structures

Definition of roles and responsibilities of Medical Affairs functions within the organization, ensuring cross-functional partnership

Definition of Medical Affairs deliverables across the commercialization lifecycle

Medical Affairs job descriptions

Medical Affairs strategic plans and MSL engagement plans as functional component of brand planning

Product related strategic guidance and discussions with cross-functional teams

Medical Communication and Medical Information solutions

Opinion Leader engagement strategy

Scientific Education programs


Due to an increasing need of field-based scientific communication in the biopharmaceutical industry the deployment of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) has become an integral part across the commercialization lifecycle of innovative products. MSL programs are expanding globally, acknowledging the relevance of scientific customer interactions as key strategic element for being successful.

pronutrimedic will support setup and cross-functional integration of MSL teams.

  • Structural integration of MSL teams into Medical Affairs
  • Definition of MSL roles and responsibilities
  • MSL job descriptions
  • MSL capacity calculation and deployment
  • Alignment of MSL teams within the organization, ensuring cross-functional partnership
  • MSL engagement plans as functional component of Medical Affairs plans
  • MSL contractor solutions
  • Identification of new hires and/or contractors
  • Opinion Leader engagement strategy
  • KPI definition and performance tracking


Depending on the customers business and educational goals pronutrimedic helps to prepare and motivate the staff for top performance and supports leaders and managers to guide their teams to success:

Role training for Medical Affairs staff

Program execution: Medical Affairs plan and MSL engagement plan training

MSL manager training

Onboarding training for new hires

MSL coaching and shadowing

Creation of annual MSL training plans

Customer interaction and presentation skills workshops

Workshops on scientific Value/Access communication

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